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Research & Development
Research and Development team co-ordinates all research activities undertaken in various team effort. Thereby it comes in tune with the stated objectives of our organisation. It also aims to advance knowledge in the socially relevant areas and technology use through research and dissemination. With full-fledge team of researcher and industry practitioner engaged in our research, training and dissemination of knowledge the team will help our client to understand the insight ideas of the true product competition.

Key Research Areas :
  • RFID
  • Computer Engineering
  • Digital Image & Signal Processing
  • Knowledge Management
  • Language Technology
  • Management and Management Cybernatic
  • Open Source Technology

Among the significant projects implemented by the teams are the 'Asset Collection and Articulation' system under the Knowledge Management project and 'Open Source Software Programming' under the Content Management System project.

The team had successfully runs various training programmes in collaboration with Institut Tadbiran Awam Malaysia (INTAN) and United Nation (UNDP) under IOSN organisation. The team had given awarness training in FOSS to the officials of various Government departments in the year 2007 and 2007 in Malaysia.

Focus Area :
  • Content Management System (Malaysian Technical Coorporation Programme - (MTCP) and various government agency).
  • Open Source Software Issues and Awareness
  • LPI Training and Certification
  • Embedded Linux